Start your healthcare journey with quality education you can count on. We specialize in training EMTs for a hands-on, skill-based healthcare education.

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Emergency Medical Technician

Operating Theatre Technician

Hospital Administration​


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Our Meerut Center is now open.
Institute of Healthcare & Paramedics

At Nayi Urja, we are dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare and paramedics by providing cutting-edge education and training. Our institute is committed to nurturing a new generation of healthcare professionals who embody excellence, compassion, and innovation.

Our Founders

My journey is driven by the belief that innovative education can change lives, fostering a meaningful societal impact through creativity and passion. At Nayi Urja, we're reshaping education for a brighter tomorrow.

Minshu Tyagi Co-founder, Nayi Urja

To cultivate a unique learning environment that goes beyond conventional paths is our mission. It's not just a journey; it's a dedication to shaping the future of medical excellence, as we rewrite the script of education.

Amit Bhatia Co-founder, Nayi Urja