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Welcome to Nayi Urja, a training institution dedicated to shaping the future of the healthcare sector through specialized programs. Nayi Urja is a place where learning isn’t just about reading from the books – it’s about building your future in the healthcare field. We’re here to make learning skill-based and useful, and together, we’re shaking things up.

As per the latest study, each year 1.6 million people need medical assistance, as stated by the Heart Care Foundation of India. This is because India majorly lacks in providing emergency medical response services. We’re not just teaching skills; we will be preparing for real situations. We’re building a team ready to handle the challenges of emergency care. And every success story strongly supports the values that define Nayi Urja. Nayi Urja is a place where learning isn’t just about reading from the books – it’s about building your future in the healthcare field. We’re here to make learning skill-based and useful, and together, we’re shaking things up. So, welcome to a place where you are embarking on a journey toward a successful career in the healthcare sector.

Champion School at a Glance

Why Join Nayi Urja?

Education forms the foundation of a promising future. At Nayi Urja, our focus extends beyond providing information; we are committed to fostering practical skills so that you can save lives. It’s about witnessing growth, progress, and success. Learning here isn’t confined to classrooms; it’s a continuous journey. We offer support from the initial steps until you achieve your goals.

Holistic Learning

At Nayi Urja, it’s more than just learning skills; it’s like embarking on a meaningful journey. We not only teach practical know-how but also instill important values. We aim to prepare you for all aspects of life, ensuring you’re ready for whatever care you need to give to your patients.

Community Impact

Being a part of Nayi Urja means contributing to a larger societal transformation. Your growth echoes in the progress of your community and the nation at large.

Expert Guidance

Our mentors and teachers at Nayi Urja are dedicated advisors. Their role is to facilitate your learning with crucial information and practical insights, ensuring your success. They will guide you through your educational journey and offer valuable assistance along the way

Equal Opportunities

We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for success. Irrespective of one’s background, we empower each individual with equal access to quality education.


We’re on a mission to make sure people with the urge to grow, have the same access to quality education and opportunities. It’s about giving you the tools to succeed, no matter where you start.


We embrace a forward-thinking approach. That’s why we constantly explore innovative and creative methods in education, incorporating technology and unconventional strategies to enhance your learning experience. Think of it as our commitment to bringing the most engaging and effective learning approaches directly to you.

Ignite your potential. Embrace Nayi Urja

Explore our programs and offerings, designed to guide you towards a future brimming with opportunities. We’re making medical education simple, practical, and accessible – ensuring a journey that’s both fulfilling and rewarding.

Our Vision

At Nayi Urja, we aim to build a team of skilled and compassionate professionals who specialize in emergency medical care. We aim for our alumni to emerge as the foremost experts in handling critical situations and making a real difference. Our goal is to keep pushing the bar higher, and every individual who completes their training at Nayi Urja emerges as an outstanding expert in the world of emergency medical services, contributing to safer and more efficient healthcare globally.

Our Mission

In the face of a rising population, our country is experiencing a critical shortage of healthcare professionals. That’s why our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare sector by building a force of healthcare professionals who are ready to fill the gap. We prepare you for the challenges where you feel confident, empathetic, and caring. Through engaging programs, we’re turning you into an EMT expert, ready to solve any challenge with a mix of skill and heart.


Introducing Nayi Urja: Empowering People with Healthcare Opportunities

In the world of healthcare, every role is vital. It’s not just about doctors and nurses; it’s about the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes, making sure patients receive the care they deserve. Nayi Urja, a new initiative by Dinesh Chabbra, a seasoned corporate leader with 35 years of experience and the past CEO of Usha, is on a mission to bring these healthcare heroes to the forefront.

Nayi Urja recognizes that not everyone can become a doctor or a nurse, but many still have the passion and dedication to make a difference in healthcare. That’s why we’re establishing training centers, nationally. Our goal is clear: to empower individuals who aspire to succeed and build a career in healthcare, people who care deeply about others and are ready to learn.

At Nayi Urja, we’re offering vocational training programs for roles like Lab Technicians, Hospital Emergency Care Staff, and those involved in ground-level healthcare tasks, such as blood testing and infusion. These are the skills that keep the healthcare ecosystem running smoothly. Our training is designed to equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in these essential roles.

Nayi Urja provides affordable, accessible, and quality training. It’s about nurturing talent and ensuring that healthcare opportunities are available to all. Our focus is on every city, because we believe that talent is not restricted to metropolitan areas. We want to bring opportunities to where they are needed the most, making a significant impact on local communities.

Our vision is ambitious, and we’re committed to it. Nayi Urja aims to open almost 100 centers across India, creating a network of skilled healthcare professionals who are ready to serve their communities. We are dedicated to making quality healthcare education accessible and achievable.

Join us on this journey, and let’s work together to create a healthier and brighter future for Tier 2 cities in India. Welcome to Nayi Urja!