The Need

In today’s world, a critical gap exists in basic first-aid knowledge. Imagine an emergency situation at your workplace – how many colleagues would know how to respond effectively? Nayi Urja steps in to bridge this gap. We go beyond traditional first-aid training, empowering the nation’s youth with comprehensive Emergency Medical Care skills. Our mission is to address the critical lack of accessible healthcare, particularly in Tier 2 and 3 cities. We’re not just offering a course; we’re building a generation equipped to handle medical emergencies with confidence.

Why Choose Nayi Urja as a Career Path?

Nayi Urja isn’t just a training program; it’s a calling. We offer a diverse range of healthcare courses designed for passionate individuals who crave a career that empowers both themselves and others. Do you want to be the catalyst of change in the healthcare sector?

We believe in revolutionizing healthcare by building a skilled workforce that bridges the critical gap in emergency medical care. Our comprehensive training equips you with the expertise of an EMT professional, instilling the confidence, empathy, and care needed to handle any medical emergency.

But your impact goes beyond emergencies. At Nayi Urja, we equip you to be an ambassador for healthcare awareness. We train you to effectively spread knowledge of first-aid and emergency response in schools, colleges, and workplaces.

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Courses We Offer

Emergency Medical Technician

6 Months Classes + Internship

Free Spoken English Classes | Practical Training

Operating Theatre Technician

Hospital Administration​

Advantages of Enrolling in Nayi Urja

Lectures from Best Doctors

Total Job Security

Growth in Medical Profession

100% Placement Support

We are determined to shape your career

Upon successful completion of our program, we offer a 100% job placement guarantee. We take an active role in connecting you with potential employers and guiding you through the placement process.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed in collaboration with industry experts. he practical training you receive directly translates to real-world job requirements, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Throughout your training journey, you’ll benefit from the invaluable guidance of experienced mentors. They’ll help you develop your professional skills, build confidence, and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter in your chosen field.


Our Meerut Center is now open.
Institute of Healthcare & Paramedics

At Nayi Urja, we are dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare and paramedics by providing cutting-edge education and training. Our institute is committed to nurturing a new generation of healthcare professionals who embody excellence, compassion, and innovation.

Our Founders

My journey is driven by the belief that innovative education can change lives, fostering a meaningful societal impact through creativity and passion. At Nayi Urja, we're reshaping education for a brighter tomorrow.

Minshu Tyagi Co-founder, Nayi Urja

To cultivate a unique learning environment that goes beyond conventional paths is our mission. It's not just a journey; it's a dedication to shaping the future of medical excellence, as we rewrite the script of education.

Amit Bhatia Co-founder, Nayi Urja